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An Ideal Syllabus II, Introduction to a design studio

Over a three part workshop, students developed their documentation and contextualising thought processes through a series of drawing, design and narrative workshops leading towards the formation of a printed and bound book.

Workshop 1. The Beginning
Workshop 2. The Middle
Workshop 3. The End

A published compilation of student’s documentation, hand bound in a ceremonial setting, pays homage to the periods of time the process has taken - offering a moment for each participant to reflect on their role in An Ideal Syllabus II.


An Ideal Syllabus II

July – September 2017

An Ideal Syllabus II programme offers artistic and professional development to young people living in Milton Keynes studying at 6th form level. Throughout the summer months, a programme of lectures, presentations, workshops and gallery visits will prepare participants for the next steps in higher education, with focus on careers in the arts. 

Supported by Milton Keynes Community Foundation


An Ideal Syllabus

May–October 2016

Milton Keynes Arts Centre presented An Ideal Syllabus; a new professional development programme 
supporting Milton Keynes based artists, designers and makers. Targeted post degree artists who live, work or who have studied in Milton Keynes with an aim to further develop a new peer group network of practitioners based in and championing Milton Keynes.

In partnership with Milton Keynes Council


Saturday Session with Andrew Gillespie

'Setting Up Shop' with Andrew Gillespie
Saturday 26 May, 11am–3pm including networking lunch 

Saturday Sessions
is an artist's professional development series of guest lectures, workshops and peer-to-peer opportunities the last Saturday of every month at Milton Keynes Arts Centre.