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Collecting Commons, material collection

Do you have any off-cuts, bits of broken furniture or leftovers from an old project lurking in your cupboards or under your stairs? We'd like to take it off your hands and give it a new life! 

What is Collecting Commons?

Collecting Commons is the development of a project designed by Milo, exploring how a physical object can be used as a tool to develop social bonds within a community. 

This October, Milo will bring to Milton Keynes a process of collecting material through door-to-door conversations and pop-up events. Asking residents to donate scrap material, used to create a free and accessible community resource – similar to the Clapton Commons community table. Built with the community, for the community, and is now host to dinner parties, social events and parish meetings.  

Full disclosure: the outcome of this project relies entirely on the materials collected and will be shaped by a need in the community helping to build it. Keep scrolling to see how you can help shape this project.

Collecting Commons is part of Milton Keynes Arts Centre year-round programme of free workshops, talks, family events and exhibition. Supported by public funding from Arts Council England.