Dusk Ornithology Listening Workshop

Dusk Ornithology Listening Workshop
Thursday 12 July, 7pm–9pm

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Artist Laura Cooper, a ornithologist and a musician, will lead this workshop involving preparing to encounter birds— through acts of listening, watching and mimicry, the first of a two-part workshop which combines understanding and interpreting birdsong and behaviour with deep-listening, sound gathering/ making techniques.

This first workshop will begin by taking a stroll in the subtle sounds of birds in the evening, which offers a very different series of sounds than those that can be sampled in the morning. Participants will be supported by an ornithologist and to try parroting techniques, and will be accompanied by a musician who will interpret the soundscape. There will also be opportunity to study bird behaviour and what motivates them to sing, which can then be used to make wearable items that might encourage the last of the singing birds into a chorus for us on the following dawn workshop on the 14th.

Participants can be of any age, with no previous art, ornithology or sound experience, although those under 16 must come accompanied by someone over 16. You are highly encouraged to sign up to the second part of this workshop which will take place at dawn on Saturday 14th July in order to fully experience the work.

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