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Welcome, Roisin!

Meet Roisin, the newest addition to the team at Milton Keynes Arts Centre, stepping into the role of Learning and Participation Manager with a vibrant background in the arts and a passion for community engagement.

Roisin's journey in the arts began during her studies at Norwich University of Art, where she earned her degree in Fine Art in 2014. Fuelled by her thirst for knowledge and creative expression, she further honed her expertise with an MA in Art History and Curating from Liverpool Hope University in 2017.

Returning to her hometown of Milton Keynes, Roisin embarked on a dynamic career path, starting as a curator at Arts for Health Milton Keynes. In 2017, she co-founded Big Shop Friday, an independent creative organisation aimed at fostering collaboration and providing a platform for emerging artists and creatives within the city.

For the past five years, Roisin has been an integral part of the MK Gallery team, where she served in various roles, culminating in her position as Public Programme Producer. Her approach is deeply rooted in community collaboration, co-developing projects that resonate with diverse audiences and bridge the gap between art and everyday life.

Drawing inspiration from her personal practice, Roisin delves into the intersection of art and ecology, exploring how creativity can navigate the challenges of the Anthropocene era. With a keen eye for nurturing enchantment and rekindling our connection to the natural world, she brings a refreshing perspective to her work.

Now, as she steps into her new role at Milton Keynes Arts Centre, Roisin is eager to continue her mission of fostering creativity, inclusivity, and dialogue within the community. Join us in welcoming Roisin as she embarks on this exciting chapter of her journey with us.

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