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Is it your 50th Birthday, too?

We're offering money off for fellow semi-centenarians booking their birthday with us!

Supporting artists with proper pay

We're proud to be a major employer of artists in MK, and are committed to fair pay. In 2022–23, we spent £90,430 on programme, of which 71% was on artists’ fees.

Introducing Camilla Alexander-White as the new Chair of MKAC

A distinguished science-policy professional with a passion for music and the arts.

Family First Saturday is back for 2024

Join us on the First Saturday of each month for a fun and creative session designed for families with small children (but we bet the older kids will have a great time too!).

Art Buds: Spring's Coming!

NEW Artist-led Sessions for Under 5s. Join artists Alice Boland-Rhodes and Cathy Ebbels for outdoor early year adventure sessions taking inspiration from wildlife and the environment.

We rely on a loyal team of volunteers to deliver our work.

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